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 A Complete Resource for Your Material Handling Needs.


Astec Bulk Handling Solutions draws on existing experience, proven engineering designs and manufacturing footprints from Astec companies around the world to deliver what our customers are asking for:  a single source for customized bulk handling solutions.

From Stacking and Reclaiming to Rail Wagon, Ship and Barge Loading and Unloading, Astec Bulk Handling Solutions delivers innovative products to ensure the optimum results for your application.

We understand from experience that the projects in the dry bulk materials handling sector necessitate customized solutions which must meet specific customer requirements. The engineered solution has to take into account the customer’s location, infrastructure, and the commodities handled.

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A key advantage Astec Bulk Handling Solutions has is our ability to deliver end-to-end applications following the logistics chain from pit to port. Astec Bulk Handling Solutions can build complete tailor-made material handling systems by choosing from among the best products within the Astec family.

Due to the global reach of Astec, Astec Bulk Handling Solutions can service customers wherever they are located.  


Astec Bulk Handling Solutions systems work with any dry bulk material that needs to be handled such as grain, coal, fertilizer, soy beans, biomass, gravel, sand, wood pellets etc. and we work in many industries including Port & Terminals, Stockyards, Power Stations, Cement plants and with EPC’s.                                                                                                                                            

Mobility & Flexibility

The key driver of our success will be the mobility and flexibility of our products in commodities operations. Astec Bulk Handling Solutions’ range will offer a highly mobile and flexible solution to guarantee faster turnaround times when loading and unloading vessels in the ports - from barge and coasters up to baby capsize ships.  Our stacking, reclaiming and rail solutions in the stockyard will ensure efficient handling and enhanced productivity.


Many options are available to customize each product to deliver the optimum results you require.  Each product can come in a range of sizes, lengths and tonnages.  Products are available as track, wheeled and rail mounted and there are various power options and remote control and dust suppression options available.  

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Astec Industries Inc.

Astec Industries, Inc.Astec Bulk Handling Solutions are part of the Astec Industries, Inc. group.  Today Astec Industries, Inc. manufactures more than 220 products from rock crushing and screening plants to hot mix asphalt (HMA) facilities, concrete plants,  water, gas and oil drilling rigs, geothermal drills, milling machines, asphalt pavers, material transfer vehicles, wood processing equipment and Ports and Inland Terminals equipment.

Astec's goal is to design, manufacture and provide the most innovative, productive and reliable equipment for the industries we serve, coupled with unparalleled customer service, training, education and support. 

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ABHS Promise to You

As part of Astec Industries, Astec Bulk Handling Solutions share their commitment to “grow and prosper by designing, manufacturing and selling the most innovative, productive and reliable equipment for the industries we serve, coupled with unparalleled customer service.”

We have a portfolio of global reference sites and customize each project to your exacting needs. We see the benefits in getting involved from the earliest stages of a project and customers can benefit from our application and industry experience.

To discuss your project, please contact a sales representative on 541-735-0748 or email sales@astecbulk.com.