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// 24 February 2016 @ 17:46

A Truck Unloader, Barge Loading, Case Study

In Colombia, the Sociedad Portuaria Regional de Barranquilla (SPRB), which operates the Port of Barranquilla, has acquired a new barge loader from ABHS.

Originally the port brought in imported grain by Handymax vessels, with consignments initially unloaded directly into hoppers and then stored in warehouses on the quayside.  For onward transport, the grain was again loaded onto trucks, and then loaded on ‘Impala’ barges for transport up the Magdalena River to end users further inland.

The mobile barge loader sold to SPRB forms an integral part of this logistics chain, since it is used to move the grain efficiently from ‘truck-to-barge’, thereby minimizing double handling, contamination and dust emissions often inherent when differing types of grains are being handled.


Click the image below to view the Case Study and  read more about this innovative and unique barge loading application.

ABHS - Case Study - Truck Unloader in Barge Loading Application



 “It's a unique solution,” reports the ABHS Technical Sales Representative. “Nobody could match our customer-driven designs, competitive pricing and lead time, something of which we are extremely proud.”






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