Bulk Material Handling Equipment


Astec Bulk Handling Solutions equipment work in a number of sectors including the Ports & Inland Terminals sector with any dry bulk material that needs to be handled such as grain, coal, fertilizer, soy beans, biomass, gravel, sand, wood pellets, ores etc.                                                                       

Mobility & Flexibility

Two key features our equipment offer are high mobility on site and flexibility with multiple material handling. Mobility and flexibility guarantees faster turnaround times when loading and unloading vessels in ports - from barge and coaster size vessels up to baby capesize vessels. Our stacking, reclaiming and rail solutions in stockyards ensure efficient material handling and enhanced productivity, as well as maximum space utilization.


Many options are available to ensure each product delivers the optimum results you require.  Each product can come in a range of sizes, lengths and tonnage throughputs.  All products are available as tracked, wheeled and rail mounted units, and there are various power, remote control and dust suppression options available.