ABHS Deliver Costs Benefits Compared To Traditional Methods Of Material Handling.

// 14 April 2016 @ 15:46

Astec Bulk Handling Solutions continues to excel in providing customized bulk material handling solutions to its wide customer base. The company offers the Ship, Barge and Rail loading/unloading industry the most innovative and customized mobile bulk handling systems on the world market today.  Astec Bulk Handling Solutions (ABHS) draws upon existing experience, proven engineering designs and manufacturing footprints from Astec companies around the world to deliver what our customers are asking for: A single source for customized bulk handling solutions.


ABHS products include truck unloaders, ship, barge and rail loaders and unloaders, radial telescopic barge loaders, hopper feeders and stacking conveyors that can handle all dry bulk materials, including grain, fertilizer, biomass, aggregates, ores, coal products etc.  ABHS specialize in engineering their products around each individual customer’s requirements to best fit their requirements.

Cost Benefits vs traditional methods

ABHS provide cost effective alternatives to traditional mobile harbour cranes, front loaders and mobile material handlers.   Astec Bulk Handling Solutions equipment makes your job easier by solving many of the problems that operators face on a daily basis with multi-purpose equipment.

ABHS equipment is flexible and can be used for more than one type of dry bulk commodity.   The same equipment can load and unload vessels as well as stack and reclaim.

Due to the total mobility of the equipment, they can easily move around the terminal. And with ABHS equipment not requiring any civil infrastructure or permanent fixings to the dock, the machines can be moved from port to port to work on different projects with ease.

Cost benefits for Barge Loading in Columbia

In a recently commissioned project in the Port of Barranquilla, Columbia, the customer did not just look at a mobile truck unloader as a solution – he also considered a mobile harbour crane (MHC), a more traditional method of loading barges with dry bulk materials. There were a number of reasons the customer chose an ABHS Truck Unloader.

First and foremost, the capital investment required was significantly lower compared to a MHC. Maintenance and running costs were also much lower from the offset. But it was not simply the financial aspect that persuaded the client to buy the Truck Unloader. The use of a MHC increases the double handling of material, since trucks arriving with material to be loaded onto the barge would have to offload them on the quayside, leading to both potential contamination of the material and increased dust emissions.  In contrast, the Truck Unloader barge loader ensures direct loading from truck-to-barge, thereby eliminating double-handling bottlenecks, drastically reducing the cost per ton and improving operational efficiencies.


Astec Bulk Handling Solutions can also offer a faster delivery time from order date to installation. The Truck Unloader does not require a highly skilled team of personnel to operate, as it is a very simple and easy to use piece of equipment. Contrast this to a mobile harbour crane, which needs a highly experienced operator, thereby generating additional skilled labor costs.

All of these factors mean an overall reduction in the cost-per-ton handled.

The Truck Unloader design was customized to meet the specific needs of the application.  The tipping point, for example, has been custom designed for the customer’s trucks to ensure that no spillage occurs during loading and that there is continuous feeding, resulting it a regular truck cycle time.

Innovative Custom Engineering

Astec Bulk Handling Solutions works closely with customers from the earliest stages of the sales process to ensure that the client’s needs are met. Our technical sales team will attend and assess the site to ensure that the client receives a solution that fully integrates into their infrastructure, and will work with the client to ensure the equipment complies with all applicable local laws and standards, whilst still providing the optimum solution in terms of flexibility, efficiency and production. ABHS achieve this by treating each project as a unique one, engineering our equipment around the specific application with customized designs where necessary, and designing the ultimate solution for the job. We are driven by satisfying the customer’s project requirements, using our extensive operational and technical experience and knowledge in this industry.

Astec Bulk Handling Solutions Promise to You

As part of Astec Industries, Astec Bulk Handling Solutions (ABHS) share their commitment to “grow and prosper by designing, manufacturing and selling the most innovative, productive and reliable equipment for the industries we serve, coupled with unparalleled customer service.”

We have a portfolio of global reference sites and customize each project to your exacting needs. We see the benefits in getting involved from the earliest stages of a project and customers can benefit from our application and industry experience.

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