ABHS Mobile Bargeloader installed at a Powerstation in Japan


Astec Bulk Handling Solutions have recently installed a BR 87-50T barge loader in Japan to load clinker ash / excavation soil direct from the truck to barge at a local power station. There were several logistical and environmental considerations to be taken into account. The quay was too small for a large, fixed system and due to environmental regulations, the loads could not be dumped on the ground near the water. It was also imperative that dust emissions had to be kept to a minimum and environmental regulations also dictated that the system could not run louder than 85 dB.

Case Study Highlights

  • Country / Region: Japan
  • Product: Mobile Barge Loader
  • Application: Direct Truck to Bargeloading
  • Material Type: Clinker Ash/ Excavation Soil
  • Max Lump Size: 300 tph/ 500 tph
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